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My doctoral research examines the intersection of promotion and policy in the development of ‘Creative Cities’, identifying ways in which private sector discipline in consumer research, marketing, branding and PR can help guide cultural public policy and post-industrial urban planning for competitive places in the 21st century.

I am particularly interested in uncovering the largely ‘invisible’ work performed by influential promotional intermediaries in place branding, and position them at the heart of cultural urban policy and planning endeavours. My work seeks to highlight the organisational collaborations that occur at various levels of government and among many different stakeholders that anchor a city’s promotional efforts over the long term.



Warren, Giannina and Dinnie, Keith (2018) Cultural intermediaries in place branding: who are they and how do they construct legitimacy for their work and for themselves? Tourism Management, 66 . pp. 302-314.

Giannina Warren, Keith Dinnie, (2017) "Exploring the dimensions of place branding: an application of the ICON model to the branding of Toronto", International Journal of Tourism Cities, Vol. 3 Issue: 1, pp.56-68, doi: 10.1108/IJTC-10-2016-0035

Funded report for the British Hospitality Association (in collaboration with Place Matters Ltd):  The Potential Contribution of Coastal Tourism to the Regeneration of Seaside Towns

Funded report for MeCCSA (in collaboration with Dr Nathalie Fenton, Goldsmiths University):  The impact of higher education policy on the work, practices and constitution of departments offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the areas of media, communication and cultural studies