‘Building Your Career in the Creative Industries’

  • September 12: Academy of Journalism and Communication, Hanoi, Vietnam

  • September 13: Foreign Trade University: Vietnam National University; Hanoi, Vietnam

  • September 14: Academy of Policy and Development, Hanoi Vietnam

  • September 18: HKU Space, University of Hong Kong

‘Canada in Context. Toronto in Context.’

  • September 25-26, Presentation to Sidewalk Labs, Toronto and New York City

Academic Guest Lectures

Warren, G. (2017). '‘Toronto's Cultural Renaissance: In Pursuit of the Broader Applications of a Place Brand.' University of Leicester, Leicester UK, 01 December 2017.

Warren, G. (2016). ‘Beyond the Limits of Toronto Unlimited: A Place Brand Case Study.’ Place Branding Masterclass, Middlesex University. London, 18 March 2016.

Conference Presentations

Warren, G. (2017). ‘The Personal is Professional: Exploring the Particular Challenges of Place Brand Practitioners.’ Corfu Symposium on Place Marketing and Management. Corfu, 23 April 2017.

Warren, G. (2016). ‘Place Branding and Cultural Policy: An Exploratory Analysis.’ International Place Branding Association Inaugural Conference, Middlesex University. London, 09 December 2016.

Dinnie K, and Warren, G. (2016). ‘Exploring the Dimensions of Place Branding: The ICON Model.’ Bangor University Consumer Research Summit: Place and Marketing in a Dynamic World. London, 22 April 2016.