time management

Time Management

This week’s theme is ’Time Management’

I’ve got an absolutely packed week ahead. Classes resume in full swing this week, with many assessments coming due, which means lots of tutorials for me, and lots of stress for students.

One of the most valuable tools I’ve developed over the years is time and calendar management to help keep me on track. Time management is one of the most important skills you can develop, and can always be improved.

Time in university is perfect for learning time management tricks. It’s time to practice the process of seeing the big picture, identifying everything that needs attention, allocating enough time every day to work efficiently and check things off the list, while also giving priority to life admin (fitness, laundry, healthy eating, social time) - and not cramming everything into the last minute!

Now’s the time to get some systems in place to ensure you can be productive and get everything done effectively, and with not too many all-nighters in the process!


This article outlines why the good use of calendars is WAY better than To Do lists at managing your time. Some great tips to get started! (5min read): Why Calendars are More Effective than To Do Lists


Take some time this week to plan your calendar for the rest of the term, Note down deadlines for all your modules, and write in self-imposed deadlines for getting key milestones accomplished like completing your research or drafting an outline for your essays. Plot in the meetings for tutorials with your tutors. Then take it a step further - look at next week, and plot in time for reading, exercise, social time, or anything else that is a priority. I like to colour-code my calendars (in Google Calendar) for extra efficiency. Purple is work, blue is study, red is social, green is fitness, brown is life admin. Try it, it’s very satisfying!


Here’s a great tutorial for how to use Google Calendar for 2018 (14min):

Finally, something to Ponder: