'Avoiding Distractions'

Hello and Happy Monday!

I hope you’re feeling motivated to kick your life into the next gear! But passion and excitement will only get you so far. Now it’s time focus on a bit of discipline.

This week’s theme is ‘Avoiding Distractions’

It’s way too easy to allow yourself to get distracted on anything else but what you’re supposed to be doing — reading, taking notes, planning essays, studying, thinking about difficult things. But your ability to FOCUS — to stay in the zone, use every minute effectively, and keep your attention where it needs to be for long stretches of time — is going to dictate whether you will succeed or not. This week, some tips on how to get better at avoiding distractions.

READ: This article will help you focus on learning and creating, rather than being entertained and distracted (9 min read)

This week, experiment with one of the many tools and tricks out there to limit your social media use when you should be focusing on your studies. This article identifies many great tools like Extensions, APP Blockers or Router Filters that will help keep you focused. Just try using one of them when you need to get things done!

WATCH/LISTEN: When I need to get serious work done, I use Binaurial Beats mixes on Youtube. They are designed to help you focus your brain on the task at hand, and my noise-cancelling headphones block out physical distractions. Best of all, there are hundreds of mixes for different lengths. One of my favourites: