A Motivational Mindset

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This week I’d like to talk about the power of having a motivational mindset. Ultimately, nobody is responsible for your success in life but YOU. Your parents, teachers, friends, work colleagues — they will care about you and support you, and maybe they might even hold you back. But unless YOU decide what you want out of life, and YOU put the steps in place to get there, nothing will happen and you will never realise your true potential.

Having a motivational mindset takes practice. It’s not something that happens naturally. Every single day you must determine what is important to you, and make a commitment to move yourself closer to your goals. Every day offers a new opportunity to prioritise your success. Nevermind what happened yesterday. Today is a new day, and a new week, and a new chance to get your mind right.

READ: This article from Inc. Magazine (which is a great resource for learning about businesses, brands and trends in industry — I recommend you add it to your subscription list) offers 12 ways you can look within yourself when you’re struggling, to find the motivation you need to succeed. Sometimes putting action into place is the best and fastest way to change your mindset, little by little, every day.

DO: Make a short list of THREE things you are going to accomplish this week. Three clear goals that you can achieve this week. One should be professional, one should be personal, one should be physical. For example:

  1. Do all of the Readings for each module before class.

  2. Sign up for a weekly newsletter/Join a club/Write in your journal every day/Create a Vision Board.

  3. Walk 30min, 3x/week/Go to the gym 3x/Take a hot yoga class.

Next, choose an ‘Accountability Buddy’ — share your goals with a friend, and have them share their goals with you. If you’re struggling throughout the week, ask for support. At the end of the week, check in with them and see how you did. Repeat this weekly.