'No More Excuses'

Happy Monday!!

Things are ramping up now as assessments come due, group work demands more of your participation, and lots of deadlines, classes and responsibilities compete for your time. It might be easy to let yourself off the hook — too much snow or a late bus means it’s too difficult to get to class, or missing a group meeting here or there won’t hurt the overall completion of the project, right? WRONG. 

This week’s theme is ’No More Excuses’

All of the reasons you tell yourself for not achieving results, getting the grades you want, contributing to group work or attending school are just excuses you are using to let yourself off the hook. In most cases, they are simply not valid. YOU have the power to choose your actions, and YOU are in a position to take responsibility for your life, no one else. Do you want to be someone people respect? Do you want to achieve success? Now is the time to stop making excuses for yourself, and start to realise the potential that you have to offer the world.


30 Excuses Stopping You from Living Your Best Life (and 30 Solutions to Overcome Them) (15min read)


Grab a pen and notepad. Write down all the reasons why you can’t achieve at least a 2:1 in all your modules this year. Write another list with all the reasons why you won’t get an amazing internship this summer. Then go back to the article I posted above and find the excuses you listed. Take heed of the solution! Tell yourself: NO MORE EXCUSES.


No More Excuses: Motivational Speech (4min)