Organise Your Life

This week’s theme is ’Organise Your Life’

It can sometimes feel overwhelming when deadlines are piling up, you’ve got a crazy schedule and you can’t seem to get organised. I’ve been there!

A few habits, tricks and tools, used consistently, can help you stay on track of your commitments and deadlines, and takes the stress out of every day, leaving more time for enjoyment! A simple system of To Do lists, saving reading, bookmarking websites, organising emails, or scheduling your work, school, fitness and social time with a good calendar system can make all the difference between being on top of your life and constantly trying to catch up, missing opportunities to be your best self! A little organisation goes a long way, and this is the perfect week to get ahead of it!


This article contains 7 great tools for you to use that will help keep everything from your reading to your time to your deadlines organised.


I use ‘Pocket’ all the time to save articles I want to read later, or when I’m in a queue or on a train. It works offline on every device and means I’ve always got reading ready to go and stops me from scrolling aimlessly. Download Pocket to your device and your laptop now and never miss important reading!


How to be Organised for School, College or Life - The 6 Habits of Highly Organised People (5min)

6 Ways to Organise Your Life - How to Adult 101 (7min)