'Setting Priorities'

Happy Monday!!

This is a great week to get yourself organised and sort out your priorities as we approach the last quarter of the academic year.

This week’s theme is ’Prioritising Success’

When you’re faced with competing deadlines, tons of interests, a part-time job, demanding friends and family, AND an inner desire to succeed and be the best you can be, it can be very difficult to know how to prioritise! Everything seems important, all the time. This week’s insights should give you some ideas how to put yourself and your most important needs first. Hopefully with a few minutes spent organising your To Do list, or even identifying the things in your life you value most, you will start to learn how to get everything done in a systematic and organised way - and not let yourself or anyone else down in the process!


Warren Buffet is a famous investment guru. Here is an article from one of my favourite websites, Live Your Legend (download their toolkits) 5 Step Process for Prioritising True Success (and Why People Never Do it): 

This is a more basic article about how to organise your prioritise on a daily basis, so that you can get all your work done.


Every day this week before you go to bed, write out a list of To Do items for the next day. Write down everything! Then go through the list and circle the 3 MOST IMPORTANT things you must do the next day, and focus on crossing them off your list before mid-day. The article above offers an easy 10 point plan to make prioritising and achieving your goals very easy.

If you REALLY want to get good at this, make a weekly To Do list every Sunday for the upcoming week. Prioritise the items by day, and choose your 3 most important tasks every day. Next Sunday, go over your list and see how much you accomplished - I bet you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in a week by learning how to prioritise!


How to Prioritise Your Time as a College Student: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EbKDbH8Rt4

How To Set Priorities - The Ultimate Solution To Prioritizing Tasks and Mastering WorkLife Balance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QL-cZieoIk



'Avoiding Distractions'

Hello and Happy Monday!

I hope you’re feeling motivated to kick your life into the next gear! But passion and excitement will only get you so far. Now it’s time focus on a bit of discipline.

This week’s theme is ‘Avoiding Distractions’

It’s way too easy to allow yourself to get distracted on anything else but what you’re supposed to be doing — reading, taking notes, planning essays, studying, thinking about difficult things. But your ability to FOCUS — to stay in the zone, use every minute effectively, and keep your attention where it needs to be for long stretches of time — is going to dictate whether you will succeed or not. This week, some tips on how to get better at avoiding distractions.

READ: This article will help you focus on learning and creating, rather than being entertained and distracted (9 min read)

This week, experiment with one of the many tools and tricks out there to limit your social media use when you should be focusing on your studies. This article identifies many great tools like Extensions, APP Blockers or Router Filters that will help keep you focused. Just try using one of them when you need to get things done!

WATCH/LISTEN: When I need to get serious work done, I use Binaurial Beats mixes on Youtube. They are designed to help you focus your brain on the task at hand, and my noise-cancelling headphones block out physical distractions. Best of all, there are hundreds of mixes for different lengths. One of my favourites:



'No More Excuses'

Happy Monday!!

Things are ramping up now as assessments come due, group work demands more of your participation, and lots of deadlines, classes and responsibilities compete for your time. It might be easy to let yourself off the hook — too much snow or a late bus means it’s too difficult to get to class, or missing a group meeting here or there won’t hurt the overall completion of the project, right? WRONG. 

This week’s theme is ’No More Excuses’

All of the reasons you tell yourself for not achieving results, getting the grades you want, contributing to group work or attending school are just excuses you are using to let yourself off the hook. In most cases, they are simply not valid. YOU have the power to choose your actions, and YOU are in a position to take responsibility for your life, no one else. Do you want to be someone people respect? Do you want to achieve success? Now is the time to stop making excuses for yourself, and start to realise the potential that you have to offer the world.


30 Excuses Stopping You from Living Your Best Life (and 30 Solutions to Overcome Them) (15min read)


Grab a pen and notepad. Write down all the reasons why you can’t achieve at least a 2:1 in all your modules this year. Write another list with all the reasons why you won’t get an amazing internship this summer. Then go back to the article I posted above and find the excuses you listed. Take heed of the solution! Tell yourself: NO MORE EXCUSES.


No More Excuses: Motivational Speech (4min)


Organise Your Life

This week’s theme is ’Organise Your Life’

It can sometimes feel overwhelming when deadlines are piling up, you’ve got a crazy schedule and you can’t seem to get organised. I’ve been there!

A few habits, tricks and tools, used consistently, can help you stay on track of your commitments and deadlines, and takes the stress out of every day, leaving more time for enjoyment! A simple system of To Do lists, saving reading, bookmarking websites, organising emails, or scheduling your work, school, fitness and social time with a good calendar system can make all the difference between being on top of your life and constantly trying to catch up, missing opportunities to be your best self! A little organisation goes a long way, and this is the perfect week to get ahead of it!


This article contains 7 great tools for you to use that will help keep everything from your reading to your time to your deadlines organised.


I use ‘Pocket’ all the time to save articles I want to read later, or when I’m in a queue or on a train. It works offline on every device and means I’ve always got reading ready to go and stops me from scrolling aimlessly. Download Pocket to your device and your laptop now and never miss important reading!



How to be Organised for School, College or Life - The 6 Habits of Highly Organised People (5min)


6 Ways to Organise Your Life - How to Adult 101 (7min)



Time Management

This week’s theme is ’Time Management’

I’ve got an absolutely packed week ahead. Classes resume in full swing this week, with many assessments coming due, which means lots of tutorials for me, and lots of stress for students.

One of the most valuable tools I’ve developed over the years is time and calendar management to help keep me on track. Time management is one of the most important skills you can develop, and can always be improved.

Time in university is perfect for learning time management tricks. It’s time to practice the process of seeing the big picture, identifying everything that needs attention, allocating enough time every day to work efficiently and check things off the list, while also giving priority to life admin (fitness, laundry, healthy eating, social time) - and not cramming everything into the last minute!

Now’s the time to get some systems in place to ensure you can be productive and get everything done effectively, and with not too many all-nighters in the process!


This article outlines why the good use of calendars is WAY better than To Do lists at managing your time. Some great tips to get started! (5min read): Why Calendars are More Effective than To Do Lists


Take some time this week to plan your calendar for the rest of the term, Note down deadlines for all your modules, and write in self-imposed deadlines for getting key milestones accomplished like completing your research or drafting an outline for your essays. Plot in the meetings for tutorials with your tutors. Then take it a step further - look at next week, and plot in time for reading, exercise, social time, or anything else that is a priority. I like to colour-code my calendars (in Google Calendar) for extra efficiency. Purple is work, blue is study, red is social, green is fitness, brown is life admin. Try it, it’s very satisfying!


Here’s a great tutorial for how to use Google Calendar for 2018 (14min):

Finally, something to Ponder:


"I Choose"

“Every life form seems to strive to its maximum except human beings. How tall will a tree grow? As tall as it possibly can. Human beings, on the other hand, have been given the dignity of choice. You can choose to be all, or you can choose to be less. Why not stretch up to the full measure of the challenge and see what all you can do?” - Jim Rohn

This week’s theme is ‘Optimising Your Life’

Being the best you can be doesn’t come easily. But if you’re going to succeed in this fast-paced, highly competitive world, you need to start developing habits NOW that will make you stand out from the crowd. You are what you repeatedly DO — so it’s time to get started!

I started a 30-day yoga challenge this morning, with my favourite Youtuber, Yoga With Adriene. During the practice we exhaled slowly and said ‘I Choose’ - which really resonated with me as we all have the power to choose our daily habits and activities that will lead us to an optimum life. Today I chose to start.


This article will inspire you to start thinking about how you can kickstart your personal growth (7min read): Achieving Your Dreams and Living to a Higher Self is Not a Secret


Building from last week - if you haven’t bought yourself a ‘personal development notebook’ go do that now. You should have written down your 6 month, 1 year and 5 year goals on the first pages. Now it’s time to start putting those goals into action. Think about today. To achieve the goals you set out in future, ask yourself:

1. What is one thing I can START doing that will help me achieve my goals?

2. What is one thing I can STOP doing that will help me achieve my goals?

3. What will help me improve by 1%?

One you write down those 3 things… START TO DO THEM!



WATCH (And do!):

Welcome to G-Notes - and Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2019!

It’s taken me a while to get this blog up and running again, but one of my priorities for 2019 is to publish more content useful to my lovely audience. This will be a space for me to share life optimisation hacks, musings on promotional culture, tips on Advertising, PR and Branding, and tricks and tools for students (of university, and of life!) to get the most out of their learning experience.

To kick off, I wanted to introduce you to a website that has been a guiding force in my life for many years. Live Your Legend is a community of people who are passionate about fulfilling their purpose in life — escaping the shackles of unfulfilling work, following their passion and making the most of everyday. I credit this website for kicking me in the butt to leave my corporate life behind in Canada and pursue my dream job as a University Lecturer in the UK!

There’s SO MUCH to find on the website, but today I want to bring your attention to the free annual GOAL SETTING AND ACTION WORKBOOK. This morning I made a cup of tea and sat down to fill out my plan for the year — setting achievable goals, identifying the tools and timelines I expect to achieve them in, and prioritising where I put my attention this year. It was a VERY enlightening exercise!

Now I’m really pumped to get stated and live my best possible life in 2019. I recommend you download the workbook PDF, and spend some dedicated time to thinking through and writing down your goals and priorities for the year ahead. Research clearly shows that when you write down your goals, you stand a much higher chance of achieving them. Get started today and make 2019 your most productive year yet!